Kindred Digital

Kindred Digital

Kindred Digital was launched in early 2017, making the locally owned and operated Kindred Communications a multi-media company.

With Kindred Digital, your business can reach your ideal customer with targeted display ads on hundreds and even thousands of websites, e-mail marketing with a fluid database of over 200-million addresses, and geo-target competing businesses with Kindred Digital’s unique polygon technology.

Kindred Digital Outreach Services


Target online users with banner and display ads on hundreds and thousands of websites based on users search words, online behaviors and other targeting options.

Kindred Digital Mobile Services


Two out of every three Americans has a smart phone. Geo-target these users based on their habits and location – current location, frequently visited locations, specific events they have attended and more.

Kindred Digital Social Media Services

Social Media

With more than one billion daily active users, Facebook and Instagram offers mind-blowing ad targeting options. Target endless combinations of demographics, interests, behaviors and more.

Kindred Digital Video Services

Pre-Roll &
Over the Top Video

With Kindred Digital, brand your business or promote your special event with targeted pre-roll video. Also take advantage of Over the Top Video with video ads served to users who have cut the cord on cable and satellite television who are now using smart televisions and streaming boxes and sticks.

Kindred Digital E-Mail Marketing Services

E-mail Marketing

With a fluid database of over 200 million double opted in e-mail addresses, Kindred Digital can target your ideal customer directly with guaranteed open and click through rates.

Kindred Digital IP Targeting Services

IP Targeting

Database marketing where you can target specific houses and businesses based on their physical mailing address.

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